Why Air Sealing is so Important?

January 8, 2018 at 8:27 am / by



Air sealing crawl space.

“Air Sealing” is a key feature of Advanced Home Energy Upgrades. A “leaky” house means higher energy bills and excess moisture and contaminants entering the home.

EnergyStar Explains Air Sealing:

In typical homes, air leaks are found at cracks, holes and openings for plumbing, wiring, lighting, switch plates and duct work. Together, these leaks can add up to as much air loss as an open window! It’s easy to imagine why this increases a homeowner’s utility bills and reduces comfort.

Sealing a home’s envelope—exterior walls, ceilings and floors—is an important step in controlling the indoor environment and lowering energy bills. The goal is to reduce air leakage as much as possible, while providing ventilation for fresh air.

Benefits of Air Sealing:

  • Improved Comfort. Drafts felt during the winter are often the result of unsealed cracks and holes. Sealing homes tightly typically results in fewer drafts and less noise.
  • Lower Utility Bills. Air leakage and improperly installed insulation can waste 20% or more of the energy used to heat or cool a home. With effective air sealing and insulation, heating and cooling systems won’t need to work as hard.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. A tighter home envelope reduces the amount of humidity, dust, pollen and pests and helps improve indoor air quality.
  • Increased Durability. When warm air leaks through a home’s floors, walls and attic, it can come in contact with cooler surfaces where condensation can occur. Encouraging mold growth, ruining insulation, and even compromising structural elements. Reducing air leakage helps minimize moisture problems and increase the home’s durability. Contact Beckner Energy Upgraders. We air seal.