Our customer gets 2 happy faces on PG&E bill!

December 17, 2014 at 8:57 am / by

pge bill1.5 years ago, we provided an Advanced Home Energy Upgrade to a family in Danville. They just emailed us with very good energy saving. We couldn’t be happier with their continued satisfaction with the upgrade.

How many times have you gotten a happy face on your PG&E bill???

“Hi Craig,

I thought you might be interested in this attachment from PG&E <below>.

It shows the house is being very energy efficient…stays heated or cooled and running 24/7 unless we are on vacation. So it is still doing very well. We keep things comfortable and not going for maximum energy savings. Also if you look at gas use during the summer that is hot water only and the new water heater uses ~1/3 the amount of gas as the old one and even if it is half the size (50 gal vs 100 gal) as the old one, we never run out of hot water and it gives better temperature control too.

…I used to only run one furnace but that left a very uneven temperature throughout the house and the <old ones> didn’t work that well together… The new ones work great together. Even the AC is so quiet that I have to go look at the compressors outside to see if they are running or not. The other part I really like is with the web access I can turn on the furnaces when I am on our way home from vacation and come home to a warm house, I love that, there’s not much worse than crawling into bed when the house is cold soaked to 50 degrees.

Thank You, W.B.”