Whole-Home Energy Assessments Explained.

August 23, 2014 at 4:59 pm / by

Energy LossTo be eligible for an Advanced Home Energy Upgrade, you are required to first complete a Whole-Home Energy Assessment – performed by an Energy Upgrade California participating contractor, such as Beckner Energy Upgraders. During the Assessment, we will spend several hours at your home testing its efficiency, and then several more hours evaluating the results, creating a software model of your home and generating a comprehensive home-specific report.

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  1. Utility Bill Summary and Usage
  2. Electricity Rate Schedule
  3. Energy Loss
  4. Air Leakage (with infrared photos)
  5. Air Sealing
  6. Attic Insulation (with infrared photos)
  7. Duct Leakage (with photos)
  8. Duct System
  9. Duct Sealing
  10. Floor Insulation (with photos)
  11. Crawl Space Sealing
  12. Wall Insulation (with infrared photos)
  13. Windows
  14. HVAC System Summary
  15. Air Flow
  16. Home Heating
  17. Water Heating
  18. Combustion Safety
  19. Conclusions & Recommendations