Green Retrofitting is Cool.

February 15, 2018 at 7:47 am / by

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.37.48 AMUSGBC’s Green Retrofit Checklist provides important, money-saving solutions to make your home smarter, greener, and healthier. Such as installing fluorescent light bulbs, programming the thermostat to reduce output, and sealing air leaks.

For over-the-top green inspiration, we’re featuring a home, covered on, that sports a significant amount of sustainable technology and an enviable view of the Pacific Ocean, but the highlight is a roof and facade made from copper, which slowly patinas and weathers as it comes into contact with the sea air and sports overhangs that offer protection from exposure and limit the effects of solar heat gain.

Efficient “Low-E” windows were installed in the house, as was underfloor radiant hydronic heating and formaldehyde-free denim – a non-harmful insulation material. The home’s largely open design encourages stack ventilation, enhanced even further with automatically opening windows which draw in cool air from the lower levels of the home. The opening windows work in tandem with an exhaust transfer grille toward the top of the home which expels the hot air that’s drawn up. The architecture affirm used drought-resistant native vegetation to reduce soil erosion and aid local wildlife, and a small section of green roof benefits insulation. The house also includes a grey water system.

Most of us don’t have homes on the coast of California, but we do have the tools, resources, strategies and experts at our fingertips to help make our homes more energy efficient, comfortable, healthy and sustainable, and reduce energy consumption. Including installing a more energy efficient HVAC system, insulating windows and doors, switching to a programmable thermostat and sealing air leaks, among other advanced home energy upgrades. You’ll keep the temperature the way, when and where you want it, reduce moisture issues and drafts, and save money.

Let’s not forget Energy Star appliances and LED light bulbs which can last more than twenty years and use measurably less electricity than traditional bulbs.