Financing an Energy-Efficient Home.

October 23, 2018 at 2:08 pm / by

Energy.Gov explains:

Homeowners can benefit from energy-efficient financing whether you’re buying, selling, refinancing, or remodeling a home.

A home energy rating will help you qualify for an energy-efficient mortgage (EEM) by showing your lender exactly how energy-efficient the home is, or will be. A rating typically involves an energy audit by a professional, certified Advanced Home Energy Upgrade Specialist and rater.

Home Energy Upgrade Specialists, Beckner Energy Upgraders will inspect the energy-related features of your home, such as insulation levels, window efficiency, heating and cooling systems, and air leakage. After the inspection, we will provide a report that includes your home’s energy rating and an estimate of annual energy use and costs. The report also may recommend energy upgrades, estimate their costs, and calculate the potential annual savings and payback (the time it takes the improvements’ savings to equal their cost).

To help qualify for most energy-efficient financing, the report must show that the home is energy-efficient—or will be after the recommended upgrades—and that the improvements are cost-effective.