Beyond Home Energy Weatherization.

October 23, 2018 at 11:11 am / by

Homeowners need answers. It’s drafty, but how much insulation is needed and what kind? Your energy power meter is spinning out of control. Utility bills are packing a monthly belt tightening wallop. Help!

Therefore, where should you put your precious home improvement dollars for the biggest bang? To meet optimal energy performance levels, save during peak seasons, and achieve sustainable indoor comfort, an Advanced Home Energy Upgrade, with building science behind it, is the solution.

An Advanced Home Energy Upgrade includes: testing, measuring, and assessing your home’s current energy efficiency (or lack of) matrix, first, then performing home energy upgrades based on the issues uncovered and Energy Upgrade California’s stringent home energy efficiency standards, for the best possible outcome.

Drafts begone; money saved, by:

  • Installing the most efficient, cost effective wall, floor, attic, and basement/crawlspace insulation
  • Performing whole house building envelope air sealing and duct sealing
  • Upgrading heating, cooling, and/or water heating systems, properly sized and high-efficiency
  • Replacing or repairing roof
  • Installing energy efficient windows

If you’re starting a significant remodeling project (room additions, moving/removing walls, replacing floors, altering ceilings, expanding spaces), thinking about energy performance and home energy upgrades now, rather than later, will save you time and money.

One of the greatest challenges with improving energy performance in existing homes is financing the upgrades. When it comes down to it, access to capital (cash) is a challenge for most families and businesses. Energy-efficient finance loans (EEMs) (dependent on Home Energy Audit results, performed by a professional energy rater, such as Beckner Energy Upgraders), and  rebates through Energy Upgrade California can help offset the cost of energy improvements.