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Installing and sealing baffles at eve vents

Love where you live even more! Beckner Energy Upgraders is helping Bay Area homeowners reduce energy consumption by up to 45%. Headquartered in Walnut Creek, with over 30 years in construction, remodeling and home energy performance, we specialize in Home Energy Assessments, Advanced Home Energy Upgrades, Rebate Qualification and Sustainable Building Solutions.


ASSESS First, we perform a thorough Home Energy Assessment, measuring your home’s current energy efficiency, attic to crawl space, adhering to the strict Energy Upgrade California and Building Performance Institute (BPI) guidelines. We scientifically research, model, analyze, photograph and contextualize our findings into a formal document.

RECOMMEND, PRIORITIZE & IMPLEMENT With detailed knowledge of your home’s specific energy performance issues, such as conditioned air leakage and poor insulation, we recommend, prioritize and perform the Advanced Home Energy Upgrade services necessary to achieve the greatest improvement to your home’s “Whole-House Energy System”, livability and energy efficiency. Services that help reduce your monthly PG&E bills as well.

APPLY FOR UP TO $6500 IN REBATES With an Advanced Home Energy Upgrade, you are eligible to apply for $1000 to $6500 in rebates, eligibility and amount received based on work performed and results achieved.

Beckner Energy Upgraders is accredited through Energy Upgrade California, Build it Green, PG&E and the Building Performance Institute (BPI).


LEED certified buildings save money and resources and have a positive impact on the health of occupants and of our planet, while promoting renewable, clean energy. We are a LEED (AP) Green Building Specialist and a licensed San Francisco Bay Area General Contractor with over 30 years experience.

You won’t find us robo-calling and pushing slap dash home energy work.  It’s in our DNA to do it right.

Complete Home Energy Assessment, Including:

  • 1. The Blower Door Test to determine your home’s air tightness. Homes can leak as much as 50% of the air you paid to heat or cool!
  • 2. The Thermal Imaging Camera Test to detect defects in insulation and air leakages. Change your insulation and feel the difference, season to season.

Air Leaks

Most homes leak air

3. The Duct Blaster Test to detect leaks in your heating and cooling ducts. Fix your leaky ducts and your home energy loss could decrease by 20% or more.

4. The Diagnostic Tests, analysis & recommendations. Determining your current home energy consumption/performance and the energy upgrades necessary for greatest energy and cost savings, and comfort.

Advanced Home Performance Services:

  • Home Energy Assessments
  • Advanced Home Energy Upgrades
  • Rebate Qualification Support
  • Air Sealing
  • Heating
  • Whole House Insulation
  • Combustion Safety Testing
  • Crawlspace Draft Sealing
  • Duct Work
  • Air Quality
  • CO Testing
  • Remodeling, Restoration, Repairs
  • Green Building
Whole House Insulation
Combustion Safety Testing
Crawlspace Draft Sealing
Duct Work
Air Quality
CO Testing
Remodeling, Restoration, Repairs
Green Building

For rebate qualification, we help:

  • Fill out the paperwork
  • Scientifically determine percentage of increase in your home’s efficiency
  • Receive up to $4500 in rebates through Energy Upgrade California and PG&E


Craig Beckner, president and founder of Beckner Energy Upgraders and Beckner Contracting Residential, is an experienced, licensed 30 year residential and commercial contractor. He is dedicated to making our homes more comfortable and healthier.

That’s why he became an accredited U.S. Green Building Council LEED (AP), Building Performance Institute Certified Building Analyst, and Energy Upgrade California/PG&E Participating Contractor. Craig is a member of USGBC, PMI, Sustainable Contra Costa, Efficiency First, and Build it Green.

General Building License # 679430. Bonded and Insured.